Digital avatar maker + NFT = Playable Art on Blockchain

World renowned 8biticon pixel avatar maker becomes part of blockchain, letting you create, collect, refer friends, get a nifty commission and sell digital avatars as NFT art.

Go Create!

Meet 8biticon NFT avatar maker

It all started with a simple to use pixel avatar maker back in 2012 and some 10 years later, pushed by extremely high demand from its extensive community, 8biticon goes NFT. Yes, each avatar that the community members create, from now on is part of Ethereum blockchain and this is not all. The depth of the tokenisation lets you hold the rights to each element that your future crypto avatar is designed from, thereby becoming not just an artwork that carries value, but artwork in which each element serves as a standalone entity in the NFT world and generates continuous rewards based on market demand.

Nft Avatars

Complete Overhaul


1.Create NFT avatars with New Design Packs


2.Get 15% benefit with 8biticon referral program


3.Inbuilt NFT integration


4.Get rewards from collaborations with other NFT projects

Inbuilt NFT integration

Once created, each new pixel avatar designed in 8biticon NFT avatar maker now becomes a real NFT with all of its blockchain standard attributes. From now on you can showcase your creations in NFT marketplaces like Opensea.io, collect other crypto avatars you like or sell the NFT avatars you own to like minded collectors and contributors to the NFT artworld.


Why ride alone when you can bring friends along? Designed to replicate common affiliate practices, we have built in the rewards program into a smart contract attached to every NFT avatar you design and purchase. Get 15% from minting price.

What is holding you up?

Create your playable NFT avatar and become the top selling designer on the block… chain!

Design NFT avatar art!


  • How to claim your NFT avatar?

    The NFT art world has grown into a huge monster in less than a year and now boasts over 15 well established NFT artwork marketplaces, all fit for digital art and avatar exchange. All that is left for you to do is to start creating!

    Here are the steps you need to take:

    1. Download and attach Metamask extension to your Chrome browser or install its iOS or Android version. It also runs on Firefox, Edge and Brave.
    2. Fund your Metamask account with enough ETH to claim your NFT avatar
    3. Return to 8biticon and your Metamask will automatically get connected to your profile
    4. Select the design pack
    5. Create your NFT avatar and claim it at a market price
    6. Congrats! You are now a proud owner of an extremely unique digital avatar collectible!

    All purchased avatars get automatically linked to your Metamask account and from then on, govern them as you wish. Create more avatars and form a collection. Get rewards from all elements your avatars are made of, put it up for sale or trade your digital avatar either within the 8biticon ecosystem or on an NFT marketplace. Otherwise you can simply hold on to it and see its price grow organically. The world is your oyster as they say and your options are limitless!

    Each transaction can be managed via your 8biticon profile interface, whilst the actual NFT token is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, following the ERC721 standard. In other words, the digital avatar that you design and claim is forever yours until you decide to trade it.

    Oh, and if you don’t have ETH to make that initial balance top up, just visit one of the leading exchanges and get it from there.

  • How do I withdraw my referral commission?

    Withdrawals are done via your 8biticon pixel art icon constructor profile but we never limit you to it. Instead, you can spend your rewards on acquiring other NFT avatars or designing and climbing your own!

NFT Avatars that keep on giving!

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