When crypto pixel avatars become NFT artwork

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NFT Art Market

The NFT art world is seeing an explosive rise in interest and demand. Today, it is not just another blockchain technology but a vibrant market where artwork becomes crypto art and prices reach unbelievable $70 million per piece.

Some say, it was the Nyan Cat avatar gif $600k transaction that launched the crypto art market into space. All we know is that NFT digital avatars have already turned into a new form of collectibles, sought after by not only fine art collectors, but also the general public.

NFT is a non-fungible token that, unlike a myriad of standard tokens, is always unique. In other words, it is a non-interchangeable smart contract used to store artwork data. Often regarded as token art, the NFT artwork comes in the form of gifs, physical fine art, digital art and avatars, that have taken the centre stage in the digital art industry due to high volumes of NFT trading.

Why join the NFT Art market?

  1. Crypto Avatars are hot property
  2. Reach huge valuations with NFT
  3. Exchange your avatar collectibles globally
  4. Secure way to trade your crypto art
  5. Become the next Beeple

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What is 8biticon?

In short, 8biticon is an NFT avatar maker. It gives you all the tools you need to build your crypto avatar collection but there is still much more to it. 8biticoin is an ecosystem with its own rules on how each avatar is priced. You will see that an avatar consists of elements (glasses, hats, beard and more) and every element grows in price the more people buy it. This adds to the final market price of your avatar, making it continuously increase in value. Last but not least, you get 80% rewards every time someone buys the element your nft avatar already has!

What is NFT digital art?

NFT is a non-fungible token that is stored on Ethereum blockchain. Think of it as a passport to your art that stores all information about it as well as the past transactions it has been involved in. It is the art world in its most transparent form. An art industry’s move to benefit from what blockchain has to offer.

What does NFT mean in art?

The NFT integration into art allows you to exchange, create and collect token art, whilst at the same time keeping it secure and reachable to art connoisseurs across the globe.

Finally, NFT in art means that you can take your creativity to the blockchain, whilst existing both physical and digital art becomes transferrable. The industry boasts a huge demand and turns practically every NFT art piece into a crypto collectible that continuously increases in value.

Where can I sell NFT art?

NFT art can be sold on online NFT marketplace platforms. In today’s realm, these platforms see monthly rise in transaction volumes of over 800% and you too can become part of the movement. Once you decide to get rid of your NFT artwork, just use one of these marketplaces to find the new home for your collectibles:

  • Opensea.io is considered to be the largest NFT art marketplace. It allows you to sell your NFT art at a fixed price, declining list price or via an auction where the highest bidder walks away with the token art.
  • Rarible.com is a community owned NFT art marketplace, governed by its own token. The team behind this digital art marketplace verifies each new member and therefore Rarible is understood to be a place for quality admissions only.
  • Superrare.co takes the Rarible ideology even further, outlining their purpose as the Sotheby’s of the NFT art world. Nevertheless, all transactions on Superrare are made via Ethereum’s native token, which eliminates the headache attached to multitoken NFT marketplaces.

The NFT art world has grown into a huge monster in less than a year and now boasts over 15 well established NFT artwork marketplaces, all fit for digital art and avatar exchange. All that is left for you to do is to start creating!

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