When crypto avatars become NFT digital artwork...

NFT artwork takes the blockchain and digital art markets to the next stage of their rightful evolution. Make your own crypto avatar on 8biticon and join the world of NFT artwork.

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NFT artwork and crypto avatars

Ever wondered how a digital avatar can cost millions of dollars? Some call it luck but the fact that NFT artwork can be worth vertigo-inducing amounts of money is already imprinted and stored forever on the blockchain. The NFT based artwork is here to stay and now, you can be a part of it!

8biticon started off as a pixel avatar maker but it is now ready to take on the Ethereum network. Every avatar you make becomes NFT artwork that can be showcased and exchanged on crypto NFT marketplaces. Choose from the extensive blueprint options and newly developed design packs to make NFT artwork you create into something that is truly yours. Something truly unique!

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Perhaps it is the next crypto avatar you design, that will become the newfound definition of digital fine art!

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How to make an NFT artwork?

You won’t have to learn how to code on blockchain to create NFT digital artwork on 8biticon avatar maker. All you have to do is log in with your Metamask wallet and start creating your NFT avatar with the tools the 8biticon crypto art maker provides.

Once you are done, the non-fungible token will be minted automatically, turning you into a fully-fledged NFT art collector. You can then sell it together with a digital avatar you created on any of the crypto collectibles’ NFT marketplaces or hold on to it and see the artwork’s value rise.

NFT artwork and the market

Many people question what NFT means to art. In short, it is a way how both renowned and up and coming artists can not only get discovered, but also make their artwork authentic and protected from copying.

  • Being discovered:

    NFT artwork marketplaces attract a great deal of attention as the public both from and outside the art world flocks to take part in the new blockchain wonder. This gives digital artists a one of a kind opportunity to be discovered, without having to showcase their artwork in renowned galleries and hope for an art critic to come across it.

  • Authenticity:

    All digital artwork on blockchain comes with an NFT token that stores metadata on the content it is filled with. Therefore, copying digital art and proclaiming that it is the original whilst in reality it is not, becomes completely impossible.

Turn artwork into NFT!

Show the digital art world your true worth by creating crypto art that goes up in value and delivers constant rewards.

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